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Sculpture gres Ceramique design AlexandreDaull https://AlexandreDaull.wicreart.comTous les éléments de cette série de formes architecturales forment, une fois installés ensemble, un horizon urbain. Dès lors, on peut imaginer le rapprocher des skylines de la C..
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All the elements of this series of architectural forms, when installed together, form an urban horizon. Therefore, one can imagine bringing it closer to the skylines of the City in London or Manhattan. Where buildings, machines for living or working, become formal abstractions.

For Façade, the original idea is a hollow in a large textured wall. This two-step removal, underlined by an enamel halo, allows for light effects. Moreover, the white enamel placed on it creates the illusion of a different geometry.

Mirror is a challenge, that of assembling a flat and narrow shape on the columbine, starting from a round base. It is the meeting of an intrinsically imperfect manual technique and a desire for consistency.

The result remains deliberately mysterious as to the use for which it is intended, but it is narrative in the imagination that it summons. Indeed, the title comes from the extremely shiny enamel which adorns one of its faces and plays with the traces of assembly.

Inspirations et Moments de vie, de plaisirs et d'épanouissement pour les crearteurs.